Alex Sekellick


Alex is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and obtained both her Master’s of Education in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of West Georgia. She has worked with children and teens with a variety of goals and needs, such as: improving self-esteem and body image, observing and reframing negative self-talk, fostering resiliency, developing healthy coping skills, behavioral management, emotional recognition and regulation, flexible thinking, and developing social skills. 

Alex also has a specialty in working with children and teens with anxiety and depression. Alex has a unique skill of using creative art, empathy and positive regard within the therapy setting to help individuals gain positive coping skills.  She believes in the importance of the counseling relationship and truly values trust and open communication as key aspects for therapeutic progress.

Alex utilizes mindfulness-based techniques in supporting individuals to better achieve their goals. She is CBT-focused and encourages individuals to recognize how their own thinking affects their mood, relationships with others, and behaviors.  She believes that stability and happiness come from challenging dysfunctional thinking and practicing positive thinking and coping skills.

In addition to supporting children and teens, Alex fosters communication among the entire family. She provides support and skills to parents to aid in the healthy functioning of their family and truly values helping parents improve their relationship with their child or teen. Alex has experience working with both individuals and leading social skills groups.

$160 per session