Zachary Champion


Zachary “Champ” Champion received his Master of Social Work (MSW) from Fordham University and holds a Bachelor's degree in Outdoor Leadership from Young Harris College. Champ has experience with mental health from his time working in the NYC shelter system. While there, he worked with an entire array of mental illnesses from mild to severe, and a range of personality disorders. Additionally, he has worked in an at-risk high school doing one-on-one therapy, therapy groups, and managing crisis interventions. Champ is experienced with oppositional defiance, mood disorders, depression, and conduct issues. He specializes in working with children, adolescents, teenagers, and young adults. He recognizes that negative behavior is often due to the child’s inability to communicate their needs successfully.  


Champ is also a combat veteran, and because of this experience, he has concentrated in PTSD, substance abuse, and anxiety disorders. To address traumatic experiences, he uses metaphors and rituals to gain insight in order to move past the stressful moments. By using an empathic alliance, painful experiences can be processed with support and care.    


Champ believes in the restorative power of nature and uses it to build meaningful therapeutic relationships with his clients. With his experience in outdoor leadership, he has directed numerous workshops that included team building, trust initiatives, and problem-solving tasks. Slowing down to fully experience the human condition is as challenging as it is important. He believes in creative techniques that confront behaviors in a healthy and non-judgmental process. Moreover, he believes that by changing the environment, basic social skills can be practiced and relearned. Lastly, Champ believes that failure isn’t a negative trait, but an opportunity to learn and grow.    

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