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Community Outreach

We provide:
  • Classroom Support for Teachers & School Faculty
  • Outreach Events for Teachers & School Faculty/Staff
  • Workshops for Parents

Classroom Support

Our therapists provide support for teachers and school faculty to:

  • Manage Classroom Behaviors

  • Improve Prosocial Behaviors

  • Support Students with Anxiety

  • Learn Positive Reinforcement


Outreach Events

The Art It Out team will provide on-site support on topics such as:

  • Therapeutic Qualities of Art

  • Self-Care Practices

  • Helpful Art Interventions

  • General Art It Out Information

School Workshops

Our therapists provide on-site support at schools for students and parents on topics such as:

  • Promote Positive Connections

  • Anxiety Support

  • Emotional Regulation Information

  • Increase Social Emotional Skills

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