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To best set up our clients for success, our therapists often coordinate and collaborate with school counselors and teachers. 


In addition to client support, we also offer the following school-based services: 


Parents Workshops: 

Supporting your Anxious Child

Emotional Regulation Information 

Promoting Positive Behaviors


Students Workshops:

Managing Your Anxiety

Friendship Skills and Support 


Teacher In-Service for:

Managing Difficult Classroom Behaviors

Improving Prosocial Behaviors

Supporting Students with Anxiety

Teaching Social Skills in the Classroom


Please email to inquire about our workshop fees


School Observation and Consultation 


A school observation is a helpful method to gather information about the student/client. 


The therapist will observe the classroom environment, the child’s behavior and interactions. This may be your child’s therapist, or a therapist whom your child does not know. Your child’s therapist will contact the school to organize a time for her or her colleague to observe. Typically, we recommend this being scheduled for a time that may typically be difficult for the child.  



$500 includes:

  • A 30-45-minute school observation (we do not charge for travel) 

  • The collaboration between the observer and your child’s therapist (if applicable) 

  • Within a week after the observation, the parent(s)/guardian(s) will receive a summary report indicating the therapist’s observations, student/client’s behaviors, and recommendations for making the student/client more successful in the classroom 

  • A 50-minute parent summary with your child’s therapist to discuss the report and recommendations 

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