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Therapy Groups for
Children & Adolescents


Express thoughts & feelings through art, dynamic games, and therapeutic discussions
Empower you to be the most confident version of yourself
Enrich your life through acquiring social & emotional skills
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  • Work on individualized goals with a therapist alongside peers who are working on similar goals

  • Gain new social & emotional skills through a multi-sensory approach

  • Practice skills in a safe, supportive environment

  • Connect with peers

  • Obtain coaching & feedback from a therapist while trying out new skills

  • Take home tangible reminders of therapy skills so that they generalize into everyday life

Group therapy provides an opportunity to:


Common goals include:

Improve Social Skills

Learn to Make & Keep Friends

Gain Social Confidence

Practice Sportsmanship Skills

Manage Feelings & Frustration

Improve Problem-Solving Skills

Recognize & Regulate Emotions

Build Coping Strategies

Improve Flexible Thinking

Manage Anxiety & Worries


Common goals include:

Improve Social Skills

Learn to Make & Keep Friends

Gain Social Confidence

Practice Sportsmanship Skills

Practice Teamwork & Cooperation

Manage Feelings & Frustration

Recognize & Regulate Emotions

Build Coping Strategies

Improve Flexible Thinking

Manage Anxiety & Worries

Does your child struggle making or keeping friends?  Have a difficulty regulating emotions? Overreact to seemingly minor situations?  Become overwhelmed with big feelings?  Is anxiety or worry getting in their way of being happy?  Feel left out of peer groups?  Get upset or angry often?  We are here for you.

Our weekly 50-minute small groups use a combination of art, interactive games, and discussion to teach new skills. We offer over 100 weekly groups. Contact our office to learn which group will best suit your child's needs. Group is $85/week.
Click here to see current group offerings.

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Oftentimes, we experience emotions that feel so big. Sometimes, we wonder if our intense feelings will ever pass. When we get in an argument with a friend, when we are teased, when unsettling life events impact us... these feelings can feel all-consuming.

In group (and closely supervised), we take alcohol inks and drip onto tile or glass. Then we add rubbing alcohol and light on fire. The fire seems intense and consuming, similar to our feelings. However with time, the fire goes out. 

Afterward, we process what we can do next time we feel big, consuming feelings. We know they will pass, what will we do while we wait for them to pass?


Cognitive flexibility is one of the critical social skills frequently taught in our groups. This includes being able to shift our mindset when things don't go exactly how we planned and responding when we don't get "our way."

One technique we use to teach and practice this skill includes giving group members a variety of art materials with the instruction to "make something using all materials." 


Through conversation we process using flexible thinking, times that it was difficult to practice flexible thinking, and how we can try to use more flexible thinking in our lives. 



Mindfulness and grounding techniques are helpful when people become focused on anxiety or worries. To practice taking intentional slow, deep breaths, we crumble paper. Then we use oil pastels to trace the lines made. Tracing the lines takes focus and attention. Watercolors are then layered on top. 

When we process this artwork, we discuss when it is helpful to take slow, deep breaths; how to refocus when anxious thoughts arise; and create step-by-step plans for how to handle anxiety-inducing situations.

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Our groups serve children & adolescents with: anxiety, impulsive behavior, difficulty regulating emotions, social challenges, difficulty making or keeping friends, difficulty managing challenging emotions. 

Since 2009 we have been a leader in group therapy for children & adolescents. Our groups are unique because we use engaging multi-sensory methods to teach skills. Since we offer over 100 weekly social & emotional skills groups, we are able to offer a variety of groups, catering to the individualized goals of the participants.

We truly value group placement, thus require an intake for new clients to get started in a group. To set up an intake, please complete a New Client Request Form

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3:30 Jumping Into Kindergarten

4:00: 3rd-4th Grade Boys

4:30: 1st-2nd Grade Girls

5:00: 5th-6th Grade Girls

5:30: 6th-7th Grade Boys

6:00: Middle School Girls


4:00: 1-2nd Grade Girls


3:00: Jumping Into Kindergarten

3:30: 3rd-4th Grade Girls

4:00: 2nd-3rd Grade CoEd

4:30: 4th-5th Grade Boys

5:00: 5th-6th Grade Girls

5:30: 5th-6th Grade Girls

6:00: 7th-9th Grade Boys

6:30: 8th-9th Grade Girls


3:00: 1st-3rd Grade Boys

3:30: Rising 1st-2nd Grade CoEd

4:00: 3rd-4th Grade Girls

4:15: 4th-5th Grade Girls

4:30: Rising 3rd-4th Grade CoEd

5:00: 3rd-4th CoEd ANTS Group

6:00: 4th-5th Grade Boys


5:15: Transitioning to Middle School



3:30: Bluey Entering Kindergarten CoEd

4:00: 2nd-3rd Grade Boys

4:30: 1st-3rd Grade Girls

5:00: 3rd-5th CoEd Harry Potter Group

5:30: 5th-7th Grade Boys

6:00: 4th-6th Grade Girls


2:30: Preschool CoEd

3:15: 1st-2nd Grade Girls

3:30: Entering Kindergarten CoEd

4:15: 3rd-4th Grade Girls

4:30: 1st-2nd Grade CoEd

5:15: 5th-6th Grade Girls

5:30: 3rd-5th Grade Girls

6:15: Middle School Girls

6:30: 4th-6th Grade Boys


2:00: 4th-6th Grade Boys

3:30: PK-K Boys

4:00: 1st-2nd Grade CoEd

4:30: K-1st Grade Boys

5:00: 2nd-3rd Grade Girls

5:30: 2nd-4th Grade Boys

6:00: 4th-6th Grade Girls

6:30: 5th-7th Grade Boys


3:30: 1st-2nd Grade CoEd

4:00: 1st-3rd Grade Boys

4:30: K-1st Grade CoEd

5:00: 3rd-5th Grade Girls

5:30: 2nd-4th Grade Girls

6:30: 5th-7th Grade Girls


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