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DBT-Informed Expressive Therapy


East Cobb 255 Village Pkwy. Suite 580, Marietta, GA 30067

Led by:

Mon at

5:30 pm

Mon at

6:30 pm

Age group:

Middle School and High School

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When life becomes stressful, sometimes it is hard to understand and manage the emotions we have. Our Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) informed group uses an art focus to work on important life skills including: managing emotions, coping with stressful situations, anxiety, thinking positive, communicating feelings to others, making friends and maintaining relationships. We have two groups- Middle School and High School.

We teach from all five of the DBT modules.  In a traditional DBT group, the leader will teach mindfulness for two weeks and then another module for 6 weeks.  At Art It Out, we run a DBT informed group which provides more flexibility so the needs of the clients can be meet on a timely manner.  We hand pick when we teach each skill.  We also have the ability to work on a skill for two weeks to ensure that the clients fully understand and can properly apply the skill rather than having to adhere to a set schedule. 


Each week we start the group by reviewing diary cards, which monitors emotions, action urges, and skills application.  Then we teach a DBT skill.  The following week we review diary cards and then process any challenges in skill application.  Then we use creative art activities to create a tangible reminder of the skill.  This serves as a reminder to continue to apply the skill as the group moves on to other skills and modules. 

DBT Skills include:​

  • Mindfulness (being present in the moment)

  • Interpersonal Skills (making and keeping relationships)

  • Emotional Regulation (understanding and managing our emotions)

  • Distress Tolerance (coping with stressful situations)

  • Middle Path (helping adolescent and parents work together)

  • Open-Mindnedness

Call for more info: 770-726-9598

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