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Helping Children remain focused before Winter Break

winter break

The final weeks before the winter break are tough for students and parents. Kids know the break is coming, but are frustrated that it’s not here yet. When they are burned out and so extremely ready for a break from school, here are some tips on how to keep them focused.

Stay organized: Make a list of chores, homework and projects that need to get done. Encourage kids to check items off the list as each task is completed.

Create structured homework breaks: For every 30 minutes of homework, plan a 10-minute break (adjust time if needed).

Offer additional motivation: Use tangible incentives to reward positive efforts on school assignments.

Make time for physical activities: Set aside 30 minutes a day to run, play on a trampoline, go to an indoor playground or just dance around the house.

Turn off the screens: It’s difficult, but turn off all electronics. Screen time is a passivity (not an activity) and makes children lethargic.

Create a count-down chart: Letting them cross off the days until the break will make the long-awaited break seem closer and put into perspective how much longer they need to focus on schoolwork.

Staying focused and on-track will benefit students and make the days leading up to break more enjoyable which, in turn, will allow for a relaxed and pleasant school break for all.

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