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Teaching your Child Social Skills while Watching the Superbowl

  1. Prepare them for Joining In: On the way to a party, prep your child with some conversation starters that they could use to connect with other kids or adults

  2. Encourage Participation: Let them help with the kitchen-make a snack, create a decoration or pass around snacks

  3. Empathy: Let your child know that you feel sad or embarrassed for players when they have a negative play or can’t make the desired kick

  4. Sportsmanship: Make positive statements even for the opposite team, ie: “Wow, they made a really good catch”

  5. Practice Tuning In: During the pregame show or half-time, put down the phone, pause the TV and go play catch in the yard

  6. Practice Joining in to Conversations: Tell your child to “wait for the pause” in conversation to join in and be sure to give them opportunities to practice this skill

  7. Show Interest in Others: Encourage them to ask questions, such as: “Who is your favorite player?” or “Have you ever played any sports?”

  8. Boost their Confidence: Encourage your child to choose one player to research and learn something about their life. Then they can teach this fact to you.

  9. Praise Effort: Make statements, such as: “I can tell that player tried really hard to make that catch”

  10. Frustration Management: Mirror appropriate responses when you are frustrated; try to refrain from yelling, hitting objects or using behaviors that you would discourage in your children

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