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Love Yourself

Take time this Valentine’s Day to show yourself some love.

  1. Put on calming music (such as Enya) and draw or paint to the music. Watercolors or oil pastels are very fluid materials and work best for activating a calm and relaxing mood. This sense of calm will continue even when you are finished painting.

  2. Get creative and make a gift for yourself. Tapping into your creative side with a project can enhance your mood and improve your energy level.

  3. Write a “Thank You” note to yourself. Remember that you are great—remind yourself of the positive acts you have done. Employing gratitude triggers positive emotions and enhances your overall happiness.

  4. Treat yourself. Whether it is a relaxing bath, an at-home pedicure, or a dessert, find a special way to incorporate a treat. Be sure to be mindful, this means try to truly enjoy the moment of treating yourself instead of letting your mind wonder off to your to-do lists.

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