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Talking about Kobe Bryant

Many of our clients at Art It Out have had a blast in basketball this season. We love hearing their celebrations about their triumphs on the court. A tragedy has hit the sports fans this weekend, and we expect some of your children may be experiencing the sadness that comes along when bad things happen in the world. With the media at our fingertips, some may have even seen the events and stories unfold. Even without access to the news, they may be sensing the sadness of their parents/teachers/friends around them.

Here are a few tips if your child needs some reassurance:

  • “Sometimes bad things happen in the world, but most of the time it is a safe, enjoyable place.”

  • “How does this all make you feel?”- Allow them space to just share how they feel, and possibly what they need from you. Resist stating, “You shouldn’t be worried/sad/scared about this.” All feelings are ok.

  • Let them know you and others provide safety and security in their everyday life.

  • Be honest with your feelings too- “I feel sad/disappointed/confused when things like this happen, I like to read/cuddle/watch a good movie to help myself feel better.”

  • Sometimes kids who feel worry may have trouble sleeping, and/or experience headaches/tummy aches- keep an eye out for these too.

All of the above can help kids who need a bit more space to process the loss of someone they look up to and admire.

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