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"Think Positive!" Art Challenge

The spread of Coronavirus has created a surge in anxiety in most of us. Right now, it is common to be consumed with fear and anxiety about our current situations, obsession over news reports, and worry about the negative impacts to come. However, positive thinking and optimism are proven to improve our ability to endure stressful, anxiety-provoking situations. Optimism includes challenging our automatic negative thoughts, intentionally focusing on positives, helping others who are in need, and employing gratitude or thankfulness for what we do have. Each day over the next two weeks, we will release a new therapeutic art activity for you to do at home. We challenge you to engage in some of these positive, optimistic art exercises and see if it helps you get through this tough time.

Art Activity #1: Find an image that makes you feel happy, peaceful, or another positive emotion. Feel free to use any magazines, newspapers, or old post cards you have laying around or print an image from the internet. Cut a portion of this image to use in your artwork, and “complete the drawing” around it. You can continue any patterns or colors you see in the image or make it completely different- it's your choice! Use any art supplies you can find at home. Notice your mood as you are engaging in this artwork!

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