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Coming out of Groundhog’s Day

As you consider returning back to some sense of your former routine, be aware that your child’s lack of social interaction over the past few months may have caused some social or emotional regression.

  • He may have forgotten that conversations are supposed to be reciprocal.

  • He may make silly faces or noises, looking for a laugh.

  • His feelings may be hurt easier.

  • He may overreact to little events.

  • He may have forgotten to share and take turns.

  • He may feel anxiety about leaving home.

  • He may be extremely concerned about becoming sick.

  • He may be anxious to meet new people.

For now, all these actions are normal. If these behaviors persist longer than a month or if you want to boost your child’s social and emotion skills, consider joining a skills group or meeting with a therapist individually.

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