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Being a Kid is Hard!

Working parents have it hard right now, but remember…kids do, too. For many children, their parents are home and visible but not able to pay attention to them. While children may see their parents, the parents are working, on a call, in a Zoom meeting, or typing. Working from home creates in illusion that parents are available, but in reality they are working. Most children are sick of their homes, beyond annoyed with siblings, feeling ignored, and just want life back to normal. Due to this, many children are acting out with negative behaviors. If this describes your household, try these strategies:

  1. Give your child 20-30 minutes of undivided attention before you start work. This will have lasting effects throughout the day.

  2. Set aside some electronic-free interaction. This could be during dinner or before bed. Remember to put your phone down and on mute during this time.

  3. Plan structured activities, such as a scavenger hunt around the house, a drawing lesson on Youtube, a LEGO challenge, or a board game to keep your child's mind entertained.

  4. Try to compliment your child when they do well and let them know you love them. Compliments and positive language can change a child’s attitude and behavior.

  5. Look for opportunities to include him in your routine, for example: allow your child to help you make dinner or walk the pet.

  6. Give your child some grace- try to understand that this is a difficult time for him, too

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