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Fun Family Activity: Create a Family Flag

The purpose of a family flag or crest is to empower each individual family member and help them realize their role within the family unit. A child in a newly formed family unit could be feeling a loss of control and a sadness over the loss of the old family unit. This activity has the ability to make each member feel like they contributed to the merging of the new family in a meaningful way. It also gives the children a voice and a sense of control in a situation where the decision was made without them. This activity is done to promote bonding and unity between all of the family members. Since the family as a whole is supposed to contribute in creating this symbol of the unit, it can create a sense of belonging for all members. The materials used for this activity are up to the family, however what can be used are different colored pieces of paper, scissors, glue, glitter, markers, crayons, and/or colored pencils. Fabric is another medium that can be used for this activity.

Before the activity, parents can identify if there is one child who needs to contribute more and come up with roles so everyone can contribute equally. For example, if there is a family of four, create roles for each child so they feel ownership in the creation. The child who tends to not be as vocal may need to have a larger responsibility such as picking the main color of the flag. For the child who tends to be more flexible, they may be best with the role of final touches such as adding glitter. One of the parents can be responsible for creating the framework by asking the children what the theme of the family should be. It may be based on favorite games, certain foods, or particular activities. Using their own creativity, each member can incorporate what they find important into the flag.


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