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Let's Talk about Screen Time

With the current generation of children, screen time seems inevitable. While there are many different personal opinions on screen time, experts have given their own guidelines on screen time based on specific ages. A general overview of screen time recommendations for children as determined by American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) are as follows:

*Ages 2 and under – avoid media use, if possible, except for brief video calls

*Ages 2 to 5 – a maximum of one-hour active screen time daily

*Grade school ages and teenagers – decided by parents/guardians and parents/guardians are advised to set limits that allow children to still receive adequate exercise, sleep, and socialization The recommendations given by experts can be helpful in guiding parental decisions on how to expose your child to screens and provide parameters on how to structure your child’s routine. However, if using an educational show or few minutes of iPad time seem to be your only option to have a moment of peace, know that it is okay to do what you need to get through hard moments. Parents currently struggle with different stressors than previous generations and there is not a “one size, fits all” guide for parenting. When in doubt of how to best navigate moments with your child, especially with screen time, trust your gut. You know your child best and are doing a great job!

If you are a parent looking to scale back screen time for your child, below are a few ideas to create moments of peace without technology.

*Read a new book

*Cook a meal together

*Play with Play Dough

*Listen to music

*Build a pillow fort

Do you have any creative ideas that have helped reduce screen time for your kiddo? If so, let us know! We would love to hear what’s been helpful for your family!


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