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Taming Tempers

If you are a parent of littles, specifically children under the age of 7, then you are likely familiar with spontaneous tantrums. If we are honest, when your little one has a temper tantrum, it is usually not at a convenient time and tends to stir a lot of emotions in you too. It can be tough to manage your little one’s temper when their tantrum is stirring up your temper as well. Fortunately, there is a way you to help tame your little one’s temper. Check out the steps below!

· Remain calm

· Keep a firm yet gentle tone

· Validate their feelings / acknowledge their distress

· Use soft touch to reinforce the words you are using to validate their feelings

· Model a coping skill, such as taking a deep breath

· Offer a solution, or distraction if a solution is not immediately available

While implementing this method can take practice, the more often you aid your little one in navigating their temper, the more likely they will be able to do so on their own.

The above solution is of course not the only solution. There are many strategies and tools that can be utilized to help your child learn the tools to better regulate their emotions independently. Should you find you need additional help in managing your child’s tantrums, Art It Out has parent coaching available as well as the below group specifically designed to help tame tempers. Additional details about the group are below.

Taming Tempers (PreK and Kinder)

· 6-week group

· Thursdays at 2:15pm for PreK and 3:15pm for kindergarten

· Stating in Spring 2023

· Due to the nature of the group, consistent attendance is strongly encouraged. Attendees will pay for each session even if unable to attend.

· $85 per week

· New clients to Art It Out must schedule initial consultation


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