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Tips for Trick-or-Treating

Going trick-or-treating can be such a fun experience for a child. Dressing up, spending time with friends and family, seeing spooky decorations, and (most importantly) getting candy are all things children typically look forward to. Coach your child on these areas ahead of time to make sure it is a positive experience for them as well as whoever they are with.

  1. Remind your child to stick with his friends and chaperone. Children often hyper-focus on getting candy and forget to walk with their friends, leaving their friends to feel abandoned and rejected. In addition, we want them to walk with others for safety.

  2. Watch out for cars! This is especially important for younger children who tend to trick-or-treat earlier in the day when many cars are still on the roads. Also, discourage your child from taking any electronic devises as they often distract children from being safe.

  3. Role-play manors ahead of time. Encourage your child to knock or ring the doorbell only one time. When someone answers, say “Trick-or-treat.” Then hold out their bag for the house owner to drop in some candy. Then say, “Thank you.” If there is a bowl of candy on the ground, it is etiquette to choose 2-3 pieces and no more.

  4. Set your route ahead of time. Children may become upset when a parent tells them that it is time to stop and go home. Let your child know ahead of time if there is a certain house that will be the last of your trick-or-treating or if there is a specific time they need to be home.

We hope you all have a safe and happy HALLOWEEN!!!


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