Social Skills Summer Camp


Summer 2021 is our 13th year offering Social Skills Summer Camps.  Our Social Skills Summer Camp is an intensive social skills experience

including art, interactive games, and creative expression. Our goal is to help children and teens have more successful peer interactions and gain social confidence. 

Camp is $950 for 30-hours of social skills therapy and may be reimbursable based on your benefits.

9:00am-3:00pm daily.



  • Making & keeping friends

  • Listening & following directions

  • Joining in with peers

  • Compromising

  • Starting a conversation

  • Making a Good First Impression

  • Going with the flow

  • Managing anxiety

  • Expressing frustration appropriately

  • Gaining confidence with peers



June 7-11: 1st-3rd Grade Girls
June 7-11: 1st-3rd Grade Boys
June 14-18: 3rd-5th Grade Girls
June 14-18: 4th-5th Grade Boys
June 21-25: 5th-7th Grade Girls
June 21-25: 2nd-3rd Grade Boys
June 28-July 2: K-2nd Grade Girls
June 28-July 2: 2nd-4th Grade Boys

July 5-9: 2nd-3rd Grade Girls
July 5-9: 2nd-3rd Grade Boys
July 12-16: Middle School Girls
July 12-16: Middle School Boys
July 19-23: 4th-5th Grade Girls
July 19-23: 4th-5th Grade Boys
July 26-30: 1st-3rd Grade Girls
July 26-30: 1st-3rd Grade Boys

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June 7-11: 3rd-5th Grade Boys

June 14-18: 3rd-5th Grade Girls

June 21-25: K-2nd Grade Boys

June 28-July 2: K-2nd Grade Girls

July 5-9: K-2nd Grade Boys

July 12-16: K-2nd Grade Girls

July 19-23: 2nd-4th Grade Boys

July 26-30: 2nd-4th Grade Girls

August 2-6: K-2nd Grade Co-Ed


June 7-18: Co-Ed entering K-1st Grades

July 5-16: Boys entering K-1st Grades

July 19-30: Boys entering PreK-K

Meet 9:00am-12:00pm for two weeks at the EAST COBB location


Ask about our weekly groups that meet throughout the summer.