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Lizette is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Mercer University. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University in Psychology. Lizette knew she wanted to be a therapist at the young age of 16. This was due to her cultural background and experiences as a first-generation student and citizen raised by immigrants. Lizette is a native English and Spanish speaker, and hopes to utilize these assets in order to break down some of those language barriers that are faced by individuals seeking therapy.


Lizette understands how incredibly important it is to take diversity and unique experience into consideration when treating clients, which is why she has developed a passion for working with underserved communities and youth. She believes that youth encompasses vital developmental stages, and she wants to be a part of helping build a strong mental health foundation for their futures. Lizette is interested in youth with depression, anxiety, grief and loss, self-esteem issues, emotional regulation concerns, and trauma.


Lizette believes that the therapeutic relationship is vital to facilitating the child’s growth, and loves that art can be perceived and used in a variety of ways in order to help individuals from all walks of life. She wants to create a safe, compassionate, and empathetic space where she can collaboratively work with the child and their caregivers in order to aid progress.

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Lizette Arias

Graduate Intern

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