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Therapy Groups for Adults

Feel Validated by Others

Receive Emotional Support

Recognize Healthy Relationships

Manage Daily Stressors

Find Your Voice

Learn Coping Skills

Communicate Assertively

Practice Self-Care

Express Yourself | Become Empowered | Enrich your Life

Art + Creativity

At Art It Out, we often use art as a vehicle to deliver therapeutic support. However, we are committed to providing an array of services that meet the needs of each individual client.


Some clients feel more comfortable participating in talk therapy, while others find the process of therapy to be easier once explored through creative expression or hands-on experiences.

We believe that art has the capability to break down barriers. Creative expression provides a sense of safety in the therapeutic setting. It can allow the client to express themselves more freely, while presenting a safe space to tap into their thoughts and feelings.

Thoughtful Thursdays for Moms

Thursdays 11:00-11:50am with Mim (Art It Out East Cobb)

This group is designed specifically for moms who want a safe supportive environment to come together and bond over the stress of motherhood.

Need a minute to process your feelings and stress? A minute to laugh or cry in a safe space?  Come sit with Mim.

Do a little soothing art and learn to be present in our daily lives. So we can show up for ourselves, our relationships, and our kids in an authentic way because we are taking care of ourselves. 

Artful Visions: College Group for Crafting Career Goals
Wednesdays 12:30-1:20pm with Danielle (Art It Out Atlanta)

Where artful exploration and supportive dialogue empower students to envision and achieve their career goals through inventories, reflection, and valuable resources

  • Help college students gain clarity on their career interests through inventories and self-reflection

  • Utilize art-based and expressive activities to creatively explore individual career aspirations

  • Provide a supportive environment for open dialogue and sharing of career-related experiences

  • Assist students in setting achievable short-term and long-term career goals with action plans

  • Equip students with resources for researching career options and connecting with professionals in their fields of interest

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Cultivating Resilience in College:

An Empowering Support Group

Thursdays 1:00-1:50pm with Danielle (Art It Out Atlanta)

Join our college process group to creatively manage stress, anxiety, and challenges, using art and expressive therapies as a powerful tool for self-exploration and fostering peer support along your college journey​​. This group:

  • Provides a supportive environment where college students can openly express their stress, anxiety, and other challenges associated with college life

  • Provides coping strategies for building resilience and emotional well-being

  • Utilizes expressive activities for self-expression and exploring emotions

  • Fosters peer support and a sense of community among group members

  • Encourages reflection and goal-setting to overcome obstacles in college life

Young Adult Expressive Therapy Group

Mondays 7:15-8:05pm OR Monday 1:00-1:50pm with Britt  (Art It Out East Cobb)

Join our expressive therapy group that uses art and discussion to process emotions and gain skills in a safe-supportive environment.

  • Learn to manage anxiety & stress

  • Process adjusting to new situations

  • Learn healthy ways of communication & improve assertive communication skills

  • Define healthy relationships

  • Practice self-care

  • Empower yourself

Here and Now: Navigating College Years through Creative Expression

Fridays 11:00-11:50pm with Laura (Art It Out Atlanta)

Join our person-centered college group! This group is focused on the individualized needs of each of its members and is participant-informed, meaning individuals are a part of the process in determining goals with an emphasis on a narrative-based approach to empower the participants to challenge negative perceptions while reframing their stories. 

This group utilizes a combination of structured and unstructured art therapy interventions to:


  • Establish a supportive/non-judgmental environment where individuals can connect with peers who share similar experiences to encourage collaboration, empathy, validation, and problem solving skills.

  • Explore present-moment awareness/MBAT principles to exercise being in the here-and-now throughout creative process

  • Manage academic and personal stressors

  • Develop increased positive self concept

  • Strengthen emotional regulation skills

  • Increase communication skills

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