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Be Kind to Yourself

Today, we are often reminded to do more and accomplish more. At the same time, we may be telling ourselves that we are not doing enough and, more deeply, that we are not enough.

This is exacerbated by social media. We scroll through images of perfect families on perfect vacations with the perfect weather. Our conscious mind knows that many people use this platform to put forth their best image and others are getting paid to put forth such images. Yet, we cannot help but feel jealousy, longing, and sadness.

Let’s put the phones down and be kind to ourselves. To tell ourselves that we are enough, that are families are enough, and that our resources are enough.

It is intrinsic to being human to accomplish more. That’s how we’ve been able to start farming, explore new lands, and develop modern medicine. But in our own worlds, what is the cost for such drive?

Children learn from adults. Be sure to model what you want your child to do; we have to show children that it is okay to make mistakes, to not be perfect, to be sad, to be mad, and to forgive. That is how they will learn to do the same.

The world is full of negative messages that adults nor children are not immune to. We have to start with ourselves, to be kind and to love ourselves. Then we can be kind and love others with a genuine and full heart.

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